Orffa is delivering over 160,000 MT per year or 500 ton feed additives on daily basis. Each day we ship about 50 orders to more than 75 countries worldwide. We deliver by air, sea and road. All is serviced by a very customer focused logistics team.


Orffa has its central warehouse at GVT Transport & Logistics B.V.. In total we keep around 5.000 tons in stock at GVT. Over 250 different items are stored in a modern equipped warehouse located in Tilburg, close to Rotterdam seaport. Various local warehouses spread around the world, are part of our logistic network from which we can ship small quantities to local customers in the fastest possible way.

Logistics Team

The logistics department at Orffa is involved in transportation, stock control, warehousing and monitoring the flow of goods. Our team is responsible for delivering our products in the right quantity at the right time, accompanied with all required documentation.

Value added service

Special requests such as repackaging, re-labeling according to customer requirements are also possible and are coordinated by the logistics department. Our highly professional team is always ready to solve all kinds of problems for our customers.

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